Checchetto 1:25 Variant

Our next Legacy Edition Exclusive Variant!

Full title: Journey to Star Wars:  The Force Awakens Star Wars Shattered Empire #1 Legacy Edition Variant with Exclusive Cover Art by Adi Granov Scheduled to Ship Week of September 2nd   Greg Rucko and Marco Checchetto Explore the Aftermath of Return of the Jedi in Marvel Comics Prequel to Star Wars:  The Force Awakens! Rucka, the acclaimed writer of… Read more →


Just In! Iron Man Mark 42 Quarter Scale Maquette by Sideshow

  Product Summary “Mark 42 inbound!” From Marvel’s blockbuster film, Iron Man 3, Tony Stark suits up again with the Iron Man Mark 42 Quarter Scale Maquette. Following the release of the Iron Patriot Maquette, Sideshow Collectibles has teamed up with Legacy Effects, the special FX masters behind every Iron Man film, to produce the ultimate screen-accurate representation of Stark in his… Read more →


Just In! Iron Man XLI Bones MMS Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys

Product Summary “Gentlemen!” and with that said, the Skeleton Suit Mark XLI split into multiple parts to attack Extremis soldiers during Tony Stark’s showdown with Aldrich Killian! Nicknamed ‘Bones’, this armor is built by Tony Stark with speed and maneuverability in mind. It earns its name because of the very unique external appearance of thin black and gold colored armor plating… Read more →


Jean Grey Sideshow Premium Format Figure is here!

Product Summary Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the Jean Grey Premium Format™ Figure. Expertly crafted in one quarter scale, the Marvel beauty strikes a signature pose wearing her dynamic skintight yellow and blue costume with circular red ‘X’ belt buckle, made popular during the ’90s X-Men animated series and Gold Strike Team era. Radiating with cool confidence, the fiery… Read more →

hot toys artist mix avengers

Avengers Age of Ultron Artist Mix Figures by Hot Toys are Here!

Product Summary Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys are very excited to present the new Artist Mix Collection series! Hot Toys will collaborate with different artists and designers from various spectrums to re-imagine movie characters in a special art form with unique style. To kick-off the Artist Mix Collection, Hot Toys has joined hands with famous Japanese toy artist Touma and… Read more →